Mortgage Lenders in Sacramento

There a quite a large number of Mortgage lenders in Sacramento. I would think it is tough for the consumer to figure out which lender to go with. A person can go on google and see what the average mortgage rate at any given moment. When your looking into rates, you will see that everybody has close to the same rate at any given day. All the lenders have somewhat similar rates because they get their funds from Fannie Mae and Freddie mac. So it isnt like one lender has a two percent rate and everybody else is at 3.5%.

How do you decide which lender to go with? If you have a 800 credit score and 25% equity, you can just walk into your local bank and get a good rate. That bank wants that perfect client who will probably never default on their loan. If you dont have perfect credit or dont have a 25% down payment then you should look for a Mortgage Broker in Sacramento to help you with your loan. A mortgage broker will have many different lenders to choose from. I work for a mortgage broker so I can shop all our lenders to see which is the best fit for you situation. If you ever need help with your mortgage needs, please call or text me at 916-261-2381.

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