Mortgage brokers in Sacramento have lower fees

I just figured everybody knew that a mortgage broker has many lenders to choose from so they can shop for the best rate and terms for your situation. I think everybody should also know that because mortgage brokers have lower overhead that they can save the homeowner money on the fees or rate. We have a nice small affordable office not a large bank sitting in a prime location for walk in traffic. Banks can spend millions of dollars on advertising where brokers have a limited budget for advertising. If you really wanted to save money on your next home loan then you should look for a mortgage broker in Sacramento.

I also wanted to mention that just because you can save money with a broker it does’nt mean you lose out on speed and service. We can process a loan just as fast or faster than a big bank. We are not limited to working 8 to 5 like a w2 employee of the bank so we can get things done at night or on the weekends. If you really want to get a home loan funded quickly , call or text me at 916-261-2381 to see how fast I respond. You will be very happy that you search the web to find a way to save money and time on your next home loan.

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