Huge news for March 2020

I did not predict a coronavirus hitting the United States. That in turn has dropped mortgage rates to the lowest levels in the history of Mortgages. Last week I was quoting people 2.625% on the 15 year fixed mortgage. Of course many people thought rates would go lower. They were wrong. The mortgage industry is overwhelmed with new refinance business so today rates are higher. Many people will miss this refinance boom. They will think they can get a lower rate than the current sub 3% rates. That will not happen. There will not be a fantasy 1.9% fixed mortgage rate. If a person is looking for a Mortgage lender in Sacramento, it is not too late to lock in a life changing fixed rate. I guarantee that everybody with a loan amount above 200k should refinance but many will not because they incorrectly think it costs too much or they need an appraisal. I have quoted many homeowners a loan where I give lender credits to pay for most of the closing costs and many times a new appraisal is not needed.

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