Mortgage Lenders in Sacramento

I just wanted to tell people that I just got signed up with the largest mortgage company in America. I am not going to tell you the name of the company because I get wholesale mortgage rates from them. If you go direct to this company for your next home loan in Sacramento ,you will pay more in fees. You will have to pay retail pricing if you go direct. They spend millions of dollars per month on advertising. You have to help pay for that advertising in the form of higher fees. I do not have a large budget for advertising so the only way that I can compete is by offering lower fees for the same interest rate. If you are looking on the internet for a Mortgage Lender in Sacramento, please call me at 916-261-2381 so that I can show you how to save money on your next home loan. Even though I can help you save money, that doesnt mean you will get less experience or service.

Mortgage Lender in Sacramento

Mortgage lender in Sacramento

Hello my name is Gordon Cuffe and I work as a mortgage loan officer in the Sacramento county and Placer county areas. I have been a mortgage originator since 1993. I guess you would call me a senior loan officer. The purpose of this site is to help homeowners all over Sacramento find a Mortgage Lender in Sacramento. I will be giving updates on mortgage rates every week along with giving updates on any new mortgage loan programs. If you have any questions about Mortgage loans in Sacramento, please call or text my cell phone at 916-261-2381.My nmls number is 1037464.