Mortgage lender in Sacramento

Hello my name is Gordon Cuffe and I work as a mortgage loan officer in the Sacramento county and Placer county areas. I have been a mortgage originator since 1993. I guess you would call me a senior loan officer. The purpose of this site is to help homeowners all over Sacramento find a Mortgage Lender in Sacramento. I will be giving updates on mortgage rates every week along with giving updates on any new mortgage loan programs. If you have any questions about Mortgage loans in Sacramento, please call or text my cell phone at 916-261-2381.My nmls number is 1037464.

Sacramento Mortage rates going down

I was too busy to write any posts in 2020 and 2021. The housing market was very slow at the end of 2022 and now it is picking up again. Mortgage rates are going back down from the rapid increase in rates from April 2022 until October 2022. This is great new for the housing market. Home values really took a steep drop from May 2022 until January 2023. We might finally see the drop in values stop this spring as rates go lower and more buyers can afford to buy a home.

I finally am quoting FHA mortgage rates below 5% after they hit 7% in the last quarter of 2022. Now more buyers should be able to qualify for a home loan as prices have dropped and mortgage rates around Sacramento have dropped. I am available to answer any questions about Home loans in Sacramento at my cell phone 916-261-2381. I am a licensed loan officer and my nmls number is 1037464. All the Mortgage Lenders in Sacramento were very bored at the end of 2022 so these lower rates will get the phones ringing again.

Huge news for March 2020

I did not predict a coronavirus hitting the United States. That in turn has dropped mortgage rates to the lowest levels in the history of Mortgages. Last week I was quoting people 2.625% on the 15 year fixed mortgage. Of course many people thought rates would go lower. They were wrong. The mortgage industry is overwhelmed with new refinance business so today rates are higher. Many people will miss this refinance boom. They will think they can get a lower rate than the current sub 3% rates. That will not happen. There will not be a fantasy 1.9% fixed mortgage rate. If a person is looking for a Mortgage lender in Sacramento, it is not too late to lock in a life changing fixed rate. I guarantee that everybody with a loan amount above 200k should refinance but many will not because they incorrectly think it costs too much or they need an appraisal. I have quoted many homeowners a loan where I give lender credits to pay for most of the closing costs and many times a new appraisal is not needed.

Big news at Mortgage lenders in Sacramento

The big news just came out from the Federal reserve. They did not lower rates at today’s fed meeting. It also looks like Mortgage rates in the Sacramento area will hold steady throughout 2020. That is not a bad thing because mortgage rates are below 4%. As a matter of fact I priced out a ten year fixed rate the other day at 2.75% for a loan amount of 470k with a 740 credit score and 25% equity. If you need a mortgage lender in Sacramento, then please call Gordon at 916-261-2381. He will shop all the lenders that he is approved with to find you the best rate and terms to fit your needs.

Mortgage brokers in Sacramento have lower fees

I just figured everybody knew that a mortgage broker has many lenders to choose from so they can shop for the best rate and terms for your situation. I think everybody should also know that because mortgage brokers have lower overhead that they can save the homeowner money on the fees or rate. We have a nice small affordable office not a large bank sitting in a prime location for walk in traffic. Banks can spend millions of dollars on advertising where brokers have a limited budget for advertising. If you really wanted to save money on your next home loan then you should look for a mortgage broker in Sacramento.

I also wanted to mention that just because you can save money with a broker it does’nt mean you lose out on speed and service. We can process a loan just as fast or faster than a big bank. We are not limited to working 8 to 5 like a w2 employee of the bank so we can get things done at night or on the weekends. If you really want to get a home loan funded quickly , call or text me at 916-261-2381 to see how fast I respond. You will be very happy that you search the web to find a way to save money and time on your next home loan.

Mortgage Lenders in Sacramento

I just wanted to tell people that I just got signed up with the largest mortgage company in America. I am not going to tell you the name of the company because I get wholesale mortgage rates from them. If you go direct to this company for your next home loan in Sacramento ,you will pay more in fees. You will have to pay retail pricing if you go direct. They spend millions of dollars per month on advertising. You have to help pay for that advertising in the form of higher fees. I do not have a large budget for advertising so the only way that I can compete is by offering lower fees for the same interest rate. If you are looking on the internet for a Mortgage Lender in Sacramento, please call me at 916-261-2381 so that I can show you how to save money on your next home loan. Even though I can help you save money, that doesnt mean you will get less experience or service.

Mortgage Lender in Sacramento

Mortgage Lender in Sacramento

I get real satisfaction when I close a loan for a new homeowner. It feels good knowing that I saved the person a lot of money compared to going to a bank for their home loan. We have a lot less overhead so we can get the same rates or better with less closing costs. Most people do not know this because I dont have the advertising budget that the big banks and lenders have. If you ever need a Mortgage Lender in Sacramento, please call or text me at 916-261-2381. I have been originating loans before google was ever conceived.

Mortgage Lender in Sacramento

Mortgage Lenders in Sacramento

There a quite a large number of Mortgage lenders in Sacramento. I would think it is tough for the consumer to figure out which lender to go with. A person can go on google and see what the average mortgage rate at any given moment. When your looking into rates, you will see that everybody has close to the same rate at any given day. All the lenders have somewhat similar rates because they get their funds from Fannie Mae and Freddie mac. So it isnt like one lender has a two percent rate and everybody else is at 3.5%.

How do you decide which lender to go with? If you have a 800 credit score and 25% equity, you can just walk into your local bank and get a good rate. That bank wants that perfect client who will probably never default on their loan. If you dont have perfect credit or dont have a 25% down payment then you should look for a Mortgage Broker in Sacramento to help you with your loan. A mortgage broker will have many different lenders to choose from. I work for a mortgage broker so I can shop all our lenders to see which is the best fit for you situation. If you ever need help with your mortgage needs, please call or text me at 916-261-2381.